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If poor customer ratings and churn are keeping you up at night, your service experiences might be letting you down.

Digital and other intangible services, rather than physical products, now represent over 75% of global economic activity. Whether it’s provisioning a new mobile phone, ordering lunch or refinancing a mortgage, services and end-to-end service experiences now play an essential role in people’s lives. The significance of this can’t be overstated — the growth, relevance and long-term viability of even the most prominent companies and brands will increasingly rely on their ability to consistently confront key service experience truths:

Many services today have been put together in a haphazard manner, are poorly articulated, highly variable and sub-optimized for the elevated expectations of mobile and digital-first customers.

Service interactions, touchpoints and end-to-end service experiences have become costly sources of intense customer frustration, brand erosion, diminished customer loyalty and value leakage.

Flawed assumptions about what customers truly value creates confusion across channels, gaps in service quality and poor customer advocacy.

We can help.   At Opptiv, we partner with companies and brands to drive superior outcomes by connecting the dots between customers, their unmet needs and end-to-end service experiences.


Growth Thinking® 1-Day Service Innovation Bootcamp

Company-specific workshops to help you and your
team reframe the entire system of service interactions
to create and improve customer experience, eliminate
service gaps and enhance service value.



Download our Service Innovation Capability Overview.


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