[ABERDEEN RESEARCH] What Best-in-Class Companies Are Doing for Revenue and Growth.

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Successful business leaders focus on building a portfolio of medium to long-term revenue and growth opportunities.

Sales and marketing are mature downstream functions that are automated in many organizations today because of their immediate (horizons 0-1) impact on revenue. However, enterprise value is largely determined by an organization’s medium to long-term growth (horizons 2-3) prospects. To fill this void, successful business leaders are integrating and automating a repeatable opportunity-to-outcome process that combines Opportunity Identification & Mapping with Revenue Planning & Execution.

As research from Aberdeen Group shows, this unique blend of capabilities creates an integrated strategy-marketing-sales commercial system that takes the guesswork out of identifying unmet customer needs, market dislocations, competitive gaps and future growth opportunities.


Author:  Wayne A. Simmons and Keary Crawford


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