[Video] Kaiser Permanente: Service Innovation in Healthcare

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In the eyes of many patients, healthcare providers and the typical healthcare experience are not known for their redeeming qualities.  So how did Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest and most complex of the integrated health care systems, become such a market leader?  With Service Innovation.

With a growth strategy built around service utility, service quality and service agility, Kaiser Permanente has consistently set itself apart.

Central to this strategy is a self-service platform that uses advanced technology to provide patients with online tools, and easy, immediate access to healthcare services anywhere and anytime.  This service philosophy allows Kaiser Permanente members to conveniently connect with doctors, access benefits, make appointments and stay abreast of their treatments.

The utility, quality and agility provided by Kaiser’s self-services platform strengthens the company’s relationship with its patients, and reinforces its commitment to continuous patient engagement and wellness.

With this innovative service delivery approach, Kaiser has created extremely high barriers to competitive entry and high emotional switching costs for patients that culminate in sustained growth for Kaiser and an improved healthcare experience for its members.

Key questions to ask:

  • How can we identify our unmet customer needs?
  • How can we improve the quality of our services?
  • How can we improve the utility of our services?
  • What unique experiences can we provide?

Author:  Wayne Simmons


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