[VIDEO] P&G: Growth Strategy in Consumer Goods

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P&G’s sustained growth comes from the company’s ability to formulate and execute against a deliberate, full-spectrum growth strategy: through innovative licensing agreements and thoughtful strategic transactions, such as the acquisition that formed its Prestige Beauty Unit, P&G has strategically  repositioned itself for future growth. These thoughtful moves also resulted in a renewal of its portfolio of services and products with new high-end fragrance brands and a redefinition of its traditional household cleaning supply customer to the high-end luxury goods customers. Next, with offerings such as Mr. Clean branded car washes and Tide branded dry cleaning stores, P&G is radically reinventing elements of its business model by leveraging the brand power of its traditional products into unique service experiences and entirely new revenue models. Most recently, after exploring unarticulated customer needs around feminine care products, P&G introduced a breakthrough sizing system called  “Always My Fit” for customized sizing and coverage for the best in protection.  Finally, as a consummate multi-national, P&G has reframed the traditional market landscape by expanding into developing markets and localizing its products to unlock latent demand, create entirely new demand, and dislocate incumbent competitors.

Consider the following questions:

  • How can we use our tangible and intangible assets to create competitive advantage and new growth opportunities?
  • How can we map our customer needs to uncover growth and innovation opportunities?
  • What barriers to entry can we create?
  • What are the core competencies necessary to fulfill your customer needs?
  • Is there a compelling need to buy our offering?
  • Are our existing markets saturated?

Author:  Wayne Simmons

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