CASE STUDY: Experience-Led Growth at Whole Foods

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Whole Foods Generates Superior Growth and Value Creation through Differentiated Service Experiences.

Following the lead of perennial experience and service leaders, businesses and brands can drive superior growth and value creation by continuously elevating service experiences in ways that motivate existing and new customers alike. To meet this standard, leaders can focus on building their growth strategies and value creation formulas around service excellence and customer experience. Through this approach, true differentiation can be achieved and unique service propositions can be developed to elevate customer attraction, maximize customer retention and motivate referral sales.

With growth strategies built around differentiated customer experience as “The What” and service excellence as “The How”, brands can focus on satisfying customers in areas where no compelling offering yet exists, or where customers are not being adequately served. With experience-led growth, brands can deepen their value to existing customers as well as turn non-customers (in existing, adjacent and white space markets) into customers. This approach emphasizes the renewal of customer value propositions, satisfying articulated and unarticulated needs, fulfilling customer jobs and building long-term relationships by building service experiences built on deep customer intimacy, empathy and innovation. These variables can then be translated into business models, commercial strategies and service offerings that have higher levels of differentiation, and ultimately higher revenue and growth potential.

Whole Foods Market is a great example of utilizing service excellence to elevate the customer experience, capturing untapped demand for natural and organic foods. This particular market commands premium pricing and has been in high-growth mode in the US since the late 1990s.  Although Whole Foods’ core competency lies in its scale (over 500 stores in the U.S.), it’s still their ability to establish and build deeper emotional connections to the health and wellness conscious consumer segment that drives their popularity.

Staying true to their customers and building physical retail and delivery experiences that align to the lifestyles of their customers is the formula that Whole Foods credits its success. Historically, Whole Foods has gone to extraordinary lengths to align to their customers, which including creating in-store experiences to educate them about natural and organic foods, health, nutrition and the environment. In the digital channel, Whole Foods has introduced their “Wellness Club” – a lifestyle experience that further engages and empowers its members by providing well-being coaching, healthy lifestyle education, nutrition guides and general community support.

But Whole Foods Market hasn’t stopped there. Now part of the Amazon family, along with Zappos, Alexa and others, Whole Foods is constantly challenged to elevate the customer experience. As brand extensions, it launched “Amazon Fresh” and one-day delivery to create an ecosystem that built on choice, convenience and simplicity.

With a growth and value-creation strategy that leverages the power of service excellence to elevate the customer experience, Whole Foods prides itself on building deeper relationships with customers, creating customers for life and maximizing customer life-time value. Ultimately, in a highly competitive market, Whole Foods continues to strengthen its value and brand reputation through a continuously evolving omni-channel experience that converts casual fans into passionate brand ambassadors.  As Whole Foods demonstrates, with service excellence it is possible to drive revenue and growth by continuously elevating the customer experience in ways that stimulate and motivate existing and new customers alike.

Leaders can get started today by asking a few key questions:

  • Can we position our customer service experiences to be more attractive to non-customers, and those that might be ready to switch to competitors?
  • What experience characteristics and commonalities link our various customer segments?
  • Have we created enough differentiation in our service experience to defend against challenger brands?
  • How can you incorporate customer research to design innovative experiences that create real-world value for our customers?

This article was informed by personal experiences as the Global Head of Service Delivery at The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center and working with businesses and brands on their must urgent customer and service challenges.

About the Author:

As co-founder and Chief Experience Officer of Opptiv, Wayne Simmons was previously the Global Head of Service Delivery for The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center.  As a thought leader, change agent and an expert experience strategy consultant, he led a team dedicated to delivering the legendary ethos, practices and systems of the Ritz-Carlton brand for client organizations across industries. Wayne leverages the principles of Horst Schulze, Cofounder of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and creator of that brand’s legendary reputation for service excellence and customer-centric culture. As a Trusted Advisor working at the intersection of HR, CX and C-Suite leaders, Wayne coaches, trains and consults with businesses and brands on their journeys to maximize customer growth, loyalty and attain competitive advantage through service excellence and customer experience culture, leadership and operations. The Service Excellence Company, dedicated to helping brands turn service into competitive advantage.

About Opptiv:

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Opptiv is the Service Excellence Consultancy. We help businesses and brands win through service excellence culture, customer-centricity and exceptional customer experience. Unique in the industry, we take a playbook approach to help clients achieve business outcomes at enterprise scale. We start by applying Design Thinking to activate leaders and engage frontline talent in the co-creation of purposeful culture platforms and unique service propositions that all levels can understand, embrace and hold each other accountable for. We then create brand-aligned playbooks to document the underlying elements of the culture as actionable guidance, practices and function-specific “plays”. Finally, we use these playbooks to inform the internal communications and tailored training needed to align, integrate, reinforce and sustain service excellence across all parts of the business.

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