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The Customer copy

[Video] Identify Customer Needs Gaps and The Customer of the Future.

For many companies, the existing customer base is one of the most important and valuable corporate assets. Companies look to existing customers for not only...



The New Growth Enterprise

Creating enterprise value is the ultimate business objective for companies large and small. However, consistently creating value isn’t easy - we live in a complex...



Focus on the Customer’s Jobs-to-be-Done

With few exceptions, every task customers need (or want to do) has a social, functional and emotional dimension. By understanding these dimensions, you can position...



[Tool] The Growth Strategy Grid

Organize, visualize and take action. During our earlier research, we realized that it was difficult for companies - large and small -  to organize and articulate...



How to (really) understanding your customers.

Many companies and brands don’t have insights into customers at a granular enough level to drive outcomes--what they truly value, what propositions to offer or...



Renew your Customer Value Proposition

Many companies simply do not understand what truly drives value for them, their customers, competitors and suppliers. A fundamental improvement in your value proposition can...



Design and Promote Self Services

Customers like to make buying decisions on their own terms. Companies that allow customers to help themselves or do their jobs more effectively provide the...



Be Easy To Do Business With

Being easy to do business with (BETDBW) means making it easy for customers and partners to understand your value, to place orders and make payments....



[Video] Kaiser Permanente: Service Innovation in Healthcare

In the eyes of many patients, healthcare providers and the typical healthcare experience are not known for their redeeming qualities.  So how did Kaiser Permanente,...



[Video] McDonald’s: Entrepreneurship in Fast Food

Entrepreneurship is technically defined as “balancing risks and rewards to create entirely new sources of value and wealth.” But, is entrepreneurship just for Silicon Valley start-ups? Despite...


The Offering

[Video] The Offering – Create Unique Value and Differentiation

Companies tend to over-rely on their legacy products and services to deliver a disproportionate amount of current revenue. In these situations it can be mistakenly...


Growth Enterprise video 400x240

[Video] What is a Growth Enterprise?

The challenge of business growth is amplified when viewed in the context of enterprise value.  With as much as 60-70% of enterprise value being directly...


growth-thinking-book 400x240

GrowthThinking® Book Preview

In the new normal environment of economic displacement, uncertainty, structural change and complexity, one thing is clear: revenue and growth cannot be left to chance. However,...


Heidrick & Struggles 255x153

The Latest in Career Trends: Exclusive Interview with Heidrick & Struggles

Exclusive interview with Heidrick & Struggles on the shift in demand to growth focused executives. John M. Abele is a partner in the executive search firm...


GrowthToon - Design With Empathy 255x255

Design Products and Services with Empathy

The ability to put ourselves in our customers‘ shoes is key to recognizing, sharing and experiencing their emotions. Being empathetic to your customers‘ frustrations, pain...


SAP-Logo 255x153 V2

A Conversation About Growth: SAP

Exclusive interview with SAP on their Growth Strategy. The German business software company, SAP, has experienced exponential growth since five system analysts first established it in...


Growth Strategy video 400x240

[Video] In Search of Growth Strategy

At the end of the day, growth is every company’s most important objective and most important challenge.  According to our recent research[1], 90% of surveyed...


P&G with play button

[VIDEO] P&G: Growth Strategy in Consumer Goods

P&G’s sustained growth comes from the company’s ability to formulate and execute against a deliberate, full-spectrum growth strategy: through innovative licensing agreements and thoughtful strategic transactions,...

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