How do you re-energize a global company for its next stage of growth?

This global services provider partnered with Opptiv to uncover the new sources of inspiration that would serve as the mechanisms to activate its next generation revenue streams and growth platforms.


This global technical services company sensed that significant competitive, technological and regulatory disruptions where conspiring with rapid changes to buyer preference and pricing to threaten its existing business.


The company partnered with Opptiv for a comprehensive customer discovery, mapping, growth strategy and go-to-market/go-to-customer initiative at the enterprise level and within multiple operating units. Based on a two-day GrowthThinking Executive Bootcamp (focused on leadership alignment and establishing a shared case-for-change), the company adopted our recommendation to “act like a start-up” in approaching the corporate renewal effort. Using crowd-sourced data inputs from our customer needs platform, we facilitated a series of needfinding and mapping workshops with senior executives, corporate development executives and front-line managers. The workshops focused on visualizing the marketplace changes relative to the jobs to be done and customer journeys of existing and prospective (adjacent) customer sets and market segments. Guided by the new insights, we then facilitated a series of workshops to design future revenue streams and growth platforms, create new messaging and propositions and rationalize them against unmet customer needs, competitive gaps and market dislocations. The new options where formulated into new value propositions, portfolio of offerings, a distributed inbound marketing system and digital inbound content campaigns. With the insights derived from the analysis effort, we then conducted a sales enablement effort to include development of account and customer-specific playbooks and conversation battlecards that were used to train the front-line sales force on the new propositions.


By reorienting around unmet customer needs, new jobs to be done and new customer sets, the company was able to define new customer journeys, stabilize its revenue decline in multiple mature operating units, reallocate 30% of its investment capital to new high-growth segments and increase its overall revenue growth rate by 8%. The initiative had the secondary effect of infusing the company with a new account-based marketing and selling system that continues to build brand awareness, new demand and sales qualified leads with its existing customers and new target customer sets.

Technical Services


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