How do you reignite growth at a high-tech icon?

A leading high-tech manufacturer partnered with Opptiv to identify emerging opportunity spaces, renew their conception of target customers and co-create a targeted new growth strategy.


Facing increased competition, saturation, pricing pressure and a growing threat from emerging technologies, a Global 100 high-tech manufacturer experienced stalled growth, reduced employee morale and fundamental questions about its core value proposition.


The Opptiv team conducted automated data collection and analysis of customer needs, market gaps, competitor strengths, market attractiveness and the company’s relative position in the current environment and against emerging trends. Using the new Customer Needs Maps, the combined team participated in workshops to stimulate new service ideas that would exploit emerging technologies, trends and existing corporate assets while minimizing large capital expenditures. The ideas were then developed into risk-adjusted financial models and prioritized based on 1) their speed to market; and 2) their potential for market leadership and first-mover advantage. The maps guided the team in the development of a growth strategy focused on capturing leadership positions and first-mover advantages in emerging, high-growth segments. Based on the new insights into unmet and unsatisfied customer needs, the company’s solutions portfolio, customer value propositions, go-to-market strategies and sales strategies were realigned to accelerate revenue momentum in the core business.


The company developed a fundamentally new customer and market profile that was used to rationalize a legacy $3B sales pipeline of future opportunities (with a 17% probability of win) to a more targeted $1.2B pipeline with a 60% probability of win and a 15% revenue increase. The newly identified customer and market segments also increased cross-selling by 40%, reducing the overall cost of sales by 12%.

Manufacturing (high-tech)

Publicly-traded (NYSE)

$60+ billion US


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