Enter New Markets.

The promise of new and emerging markets can be alluring. However, venturing
into the unknown can be wrought with risks and uncertainty and cannot be left to chance.
Using the power of GrowthCloud®, Growth Champions now have the insights and information
needed to make emerging opportunities less mysterious and more accessible.

Apply over 1.5 million real-time economic indicators from over 200 countries to explore new markets, assess market attractiveness and inform strategic moves.

Understand the impact of business events and risks, model their potential impacts on market entry and evaluate the potential range of strategic options.

Quantify new market opportunities in a realistic way by building actionable opportunity-risk models that are linked to specific revenue and growth outcomes.


Find New Customers.

Pursuing customers outside of the existing customer base can be unnerving.
However, converting non-customers into your customers of the future is an essential ingredient
in any credible growth strategy. Apply consistent and easy to use analytics, visual profiles and
galleries within GrowthCloud® to paint a comprehensive view of non-customers, identify their
gaps and needs, and take action to capture them before the competition.

Identify jobs-to-be-done of existing or customers of the future to map their journey, identify pain points, and capture unarticulated or underserved needs.

Model commercial opportunities and market potential of customer personas and segments, and develop strategic programs to convert them into sources of revenue and growth.

Create unique customer value propositions and offerings based on their alignment to customer needs, early concept testing and voice-of-the-customer input.


Launch Winning Products.

Products and services have become increasingly vulnerable to copying, commoditization and
other competitive threats. However, developing new offerings can often require “bet the farm”
decisions. Making bad bets is not an option and cannot be left to chance. Use the power of
GrowthCloud® to unlock the information and insights needed to maximize product value,
differentiation and alignment to customers.

Assess product alignment and value proposition to target customer jobs-to-be-done before launch to better position against competitive or substitute products.

Visualize, test and easily model multiple product prototypes, portfolio strategies and business model concepts based on opportunity, risks, and time horizons.

Maximize asset utilization, generate new demand and create new revenue streams by connecting underutilized strategic assets to new customer and market opportunities.


Multi-horizon Forecasting.

The modern business environment is defined by continuous change and uncertainty. Left unchecked, these risks
can have devastating affects on future revenue and growth. To realize the promise of the future, a longer-term
approach is needed. Use GrowthCloud® to establish consistent visibility over multiple time horizons,
factor-in real world assumptions and risks into forecasts, and catalyze preemptive action and course
adjustments to maximize the upside while minimizing the downside.

Enhance decision-making insights by modeling potential business events, their financial impacts and the range of potential scenarios between best and worst case.

Improve forecasting precision and maximize revenue capture by quantifying risks in financial terms and dynamically linking them to strategic execution and risk mitigations.

Exploit opportunities faster and prioritize resources smarter by monitoring and dynamically adjusting to the cumulative effects of investment decisions and risks.


M&A Excellence.

M&A transactions are the most dramatic and most treacherous of strategies. Whether the objective
is to get global scale, enter new categories, or get access to new technologies, M&A transactions are
a critical element of any growth strategy. With GrowthCloud®, Growth Champions can help their companies
invest in the future with confidence by significantly increasing the success rate of M&A transactions.

Provide transparency to make M&A capital allocation decisions traceable by identifying, assessing and tracking transaction candidates in a consistent and visual way.

Eliminate guesswork and make defensible decisions with multi-horizon forecasts and real-options valuation that model transaction objectives in clear, risk-adjusted financial terms.

Increase transaction credibility by building post-transaction “what-if” models that visualize revenue and growth opportunities, strategic options and capital allocation scenarios.


Manage Strategic Performance.

Value creation in the 21st Century is about driving sustainable revenue and growth.
Companies must take strategic action to generate future growth and cash flows at rates of return that
exceed their cost of capital. GrowthCloud® reframes strategy as an engine to pursue medium to long-term
revenue and growth, and makes strategy an enduring organizational discipline.

Maximize visibility into strategic plans and transformation programs by linking revenue forecasts to initiatives, key performance indicators and milestones.

Visualize strategic performance gaps, develop alternatives and dynamically implement course corrections to improve execution and strategic outcomes.

Monitor performance and value potential by modeling the impact of strategic decisions and explicitly connecting strategy to revenue and growth outcomes.


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