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In the new normal environment of economic displacement, uncertainty, structural change and complexity, one thing is clear: revenue and growth cannot be left to chance.

However, revenue and growth will virtually be impossible if companies do not acknowledge the need to change. To this end, companies are asking pointed questions about where future revenue and growth will come from.

The lack of a consistent, growth-focused approach has left many companies with a chaotic blend of management best practices and tools that are focused on delivering high levels of management control, efficiency and productivity.  We call this “corporate thinking” which is fundamentally designed to assist companies in taking incremental steps to compete for existing market share, legacy customers and known demand. However, this has become a relative commodity – a basic “ticket to compete” – that is readily available to most companies in most markets.

In contrast, in our book GrowthThinking: Building the New Growth Enterprise, we introduce a new way of thinking – GrowthThinking® – that equips companies to alter the competitive landscape, and create entirely new markets that generate new demand. In effect, conventional corporate thinking merely helps companies to “play the game,” whereas, GrowthThinking helps companies “change the game” or create an entirely “new game.”

GrowthThinking accomplishes this by not only equipping companies for growth, but also bringing coherence to how revenue and growth is achieved and sustained. Specifically, as a new blueprint for the new normal business environment, GrowthThinking gives companies an entirely new business logic that is built on the pillars of entrepreneurship, growth strategy and business innovation.  GrowthThinking offers entirely new ways for companies to look at themselves, markets, competitors, customers, business models, and offerings. In the end, these new perspectives help to position companies to consistently grow – even in the face of economic uncertainty, structural change, and complexity.

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